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VIP-PPH specializes in offering comprehensive Services, Software and Solutions for Bookies.
Sportsbook Software
Our developers have expertly created a sportsbook software ready to be installed on your website and entertain your visitors. You will never be short of sharp lines and betting options.
Sportsbook Software
Casino Websites
We are affiliated with the best casino games. Ready for you to add to your website. Your customers will have loads of fun playing on these fantastic casinos.
Casino Websites
EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale. It is an essential technology designed for companies that manage virtual and face-to-face customers. This combination of software and hardware will ensure that your business is securely managed.

How We Can Help You

Our Service

Seamless Bookie Management
VIP-PPH offers a user-friendly platform designed specifically for bookies. We take the complexity out of managing your business, allowing you to focus on what matters most - attracting and retaining customers.
Real-time Business Insights
Gain a clear picture of your business performance with our real-time data and reporting tools. Track wagers, transactions, and player activity to make informed decisions and optimize your operations.
Unparalleled Security
Our top priority is the security of your business and your customers' data. We utilize the highest security and privacy standards to ensure all information remains confidential.

Our Software

Robust and Agile Platform
Our VIP Pay Per Head platform is built to be dependable and adaptable. It's accessible 24/7/365 from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing you to manage your business remotely with ease.
Complete Business Control
Our software empowers you with complete control. Manage players, set betting limits, receive alerts, move lines, close accounts, and access a wide range of features designed to streamline your operations and maximize your profits.
Extensive Betting Options
Cater to a broad range of customers with our comprehensive selection of betting options. Offer traditional sports leagues, international betting options, entertainment wagers, and even political betting.
Our Company

How We Collaborate With You

Thinking Big
At VIP Pay Per Head, we dream big. We envisioned a platform that empowers bookies to take control of their business, from anywhere in the world. We partnered with the industry's leading software developers to create a robust, agile, and dynamic platform – a foundation for your success in the competitive world of sports betting.
Starting Small
Getting started with VIP Pay Per Head is simple. Our secure and user-friendly platform allows you to be up and running quickly. Bookies can access their administration panel 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection. The dashboard provides real-time updates on all activities and movements within your business.
Creating Fast
VIP Pay Per Head software streamlines your operations. With features like setting betting limits, managing players, and receiving alerts, you can manage your business with greater efficiency. Our software puts you in complete control.
Innovating Scale
VIP Pay Per Head stands out with its commitment to innovation. Our team is constantly working to improve processes, integrate new technologies, and refine our platform to ensure a seamless experience for bookies and their players.

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