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Why Choose VIP-PPH?

VIP Pay Per Head isn’t just software, it’s your complete bookie management solution. Our user-friendly platform allows remote access, real-time business insights, and complete control over your operation. We offer extensive betting options to cater to any customer and prioritize security to give you peace of mind. Focus on what matters – growing your business – while VIP Pay Per Head handles the rest.

Premium Bookies Software?

Anyone can become a bookie with a bit of coaching and training. If you are an entrepreneur, you like sports, and you are looking to generate a lucrative source of income, then becoming a bookie is the right step.

Some of the skills that bookies need to be successful are:

  • Extensive knowledge of sports
  • Understanding how sports betting works
  • Mathematical skills that allow you to keep accounting
  • Business management skills
  • Willingness to learn every day

VIP Pay Per Head will help anyone who wants to become a bookie to continually develop and improve these and other skills to establish a profitable business.

Why do I need a Pay Per Head ally?

Pay Per Head providers is a vital component to having a successful betting business. These companies are responsible for providing the entire infrastructure that the bookie needs to operate their business.
Without a pay-per-head ally, the bookie would have to invest thousands of dollars to create all the necessary software, hardware, and staff infrastructure to operate a betting business.
The term pay per head refers to these companies’ business model since bookies should only pay a small fee for each active player. VIP Pay Per Head starts at $ 10 per player (head), so the bookie can keep his operating costs extremely low and offer a high-quality experience to his players.

Is it legal to operate a gambling site?

VIP Pay Per Head operates from Costa Rica, where it complies with all the laws to be an offshore betting operator.
The Member has the responsibility to determine the law and restrictions of his place of residence to comply with the jurisdiction to use the Website, the Service, and the Products.

How do you earn money as a bookie?

Bookies earn money through VIG or Juice. This is the amount that players pay to place their bet. VIP Pay Per Head provides sportsbook, online casino, and racebook services to bookies. With these betting options, they can generate multiple income sources by creating a comprehensive and premium betting site with everything that bettors want.

Why should I choose VIP Pay Per Head as my PPH provider?

VIP Pay Per Head is a company focused on providing the best Pay Per Head service on the market. Our VIP Pay Per Head team has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. We know bookies and gamblers’ needs in-depth. All this knowledge translates into a Pay Per Head service, whose main objective is to provide a premium experience for everyone.
VIP Pay Per Head is a service designed for professional bookies who demand the latest technologies, the best customer service, vast betting options from more than 80 leagues and sports worldwide, profitable odds, and digital tools to manage their business any time from anywhere.

What mechanisms does VIP Pay Per Head use to guarantee online security?

We know that the internet can be a dangerous place and that many people are afraid to provide their personal or financial data to websites. To ensure bookies’ and gamblers’ security, VIP Pay Per Head uses a 128-bit encryption system to protect users when they log into the site. In addition to this, there is a triple-redundancy system to guarantee the continuity of services. VIP Pay Per Head implements the latest cybersecurity technologies and protocols to protect its servers from malicious attacks and information theft.

How much control will I have over my betting business?

With our services, you will have complete control of everything that happens on your betting site. You can modify and customize things like your betting site’s looks and feel the betting limits and the odds that will be published; you can even move lines if necessary. VIP Pay Per Head tools will allow you to control your betting businesslider you like.

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