the U.S. Gambling Landscape in 2023

As the curtains fall on 2023, the American Gaming Association (AGA) reflects on a year of monumental achievements for the U.S. gambling industry. Cait DeBaun, AGA Vice President of Strategic Communications & Responsibility, shares insights into the association’s endeavors and the challenges encountered during this transformative period.

Record Revenue Amidst Challenges

2023 marks the gaming industry’s third consecutive year of record revenue, a remarkable feat considering the enduring challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Across various verticals, including land-based slots, table games, sports betting, and iGaming, the industry is on course to achieve all-time annual revenue highs.

Milestones in Sports Betting and iGaming

The AGA celebrated the five-year anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s pivotal decision to invalidate PASPA, a move that paved the way for legal sports betting. Notably, 85 percent of Americans support this decision, showcasing a widespread acceptance of legal sports wagering.

November 2023 marked the 10-year anniversary of legal iGaming in the U.S., contributing significantly to the industry with $4.04 billion in taxes, as per AGA research.

AGA’s Role in Fostering Growth

The AGA played a pivotal role in fostering a conducive business and regulatory environment for gaming to thrive. This involved advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill, convening industry stakeholders on crucial issues such as responsible gaming and the illegal market, and organizing the influential Global Gaming Expo (G2E).

Tackling Challenges: Responsible Gaming and Illegal Gambling

As the gambling industry experiences exponential growth, concerns arise about the rise of the black market and issues related to problem gambling. The AGA’s proactive approach in 2023 addressed these concerns on two fronts: promoting responsible gaming initiatives and combating illegal gambling.

Strengthening Responsible Gaming

In 2023, the AGA continued to enhance industry-wide responsible gaming efforts. The initiatives included organizing a successful Responsible Gaming Education Month, reinforcing the Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering, and expanding the “Have A Game Plan. Bet Responsibly.” campaign through new partnerships and league activations.

Combating Illegal Gambling

The AGA achieved significant milestones in the fight against illegal gambling throughout the year:

Successfully advocated for bans on “skill” machines in Kentucky and Virginia.

Collaborated with law enforcement to seize thousands of unregulated “skill” machines and halt faux fantasy operations in key states.

Influenced U.S. House of Representatives and Senate legislation directing the Department of Justice to act against all forms of illegal and unregulated gambling.

Garnered national and local media coverage highlighting the size and threat of illegal gambling.

As the industry steps into 2024, the AGA remains committed to intensifying efforts in these critical areas.

AGA’s Roadmap for 2024

Looking ahead, the AGA outlines its focal points and objectives for the upcoming year:

Continued Fight Against Illegal Gambling

The battle against illegal gambling remains a top priority for the AGA in 2024. The association commits to sustaining its efforts, empowering policymakers, courts, and law enforcement agencies with crucial information, building on public opinion successes, and pursuing platforms and businesses enabling illegal activities.

Unity in Responsible Gaming

In 2024, the AGA envisions uniting the industry by expanding commitments, aligning actions, and fostering collaboration. The goal is to bring together industry leaders, advocates, academics, regulators, and stakeholders to prioritize responsible gaming collectively.

As the association gears up for 2024, its commitment to combating illegal gambling and promoting responsible gaming will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of the industry for years to come. Bookies keen on staying ahead in the dynamic U.S. gambling market must closely follow AGA’s proposals, recognizing the pivotal role they play in influencing the industry’s development and direction.

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