Curacao ‘s iGaming Landscape Evolution

For years, Curacao has held a prime spot as a go-to jurisdiction for iGaming licenses, offering operators flexibility. However, recent changes in the licensing structure, particularly with the introduction of the LOK (Landsverordening Online Kansspelen) law, are reshaping the landscape, demanding attention from operators and stakeholders.

LOK Law Unveiled: Transformative Progress or Regulatory Challenge?

The submission of the LOK to the Curacao Parliament marks a significant shift in the iGaming regulatory framework. Finance Minister Javier Silvania emphasizes the collaborative effort with the industry in creating a modern and robust set of regulations. The LOK aims to address shortcomings in centralized control, providing a comprehensive yet pragmatic approach. This move signifies transformative progress for Curacao’s iGaming sector, reflecting the island’s commitment to regulatory evolution.

Navigating the New Fee Structure: Implications for Operators

The newly unveiled pricing structure under the LOK law is a turning point for operators and software providers vested in Curacao. The clarity it brings allows businesses to plan effectively, but the transition from the previous NOOGH legislation introduces crucial considerations. Operators must now classify themselves as B2B or B2C entities, a shift from the previous ambiguity. The fee structure, a departure from the NOOGH model, introduces nuanced fees and due diligence costs, prompting operators to carefully assess the financial implications.

Understanding B2C and B2B Licensing Costs under LOK

  • B2C Licensing Costs: The LOK introduces application fees, annual fees, monthly fees, and domain charges for B2C businesses. Due diligence fees, varying based on roles, add an extra layer of cost consideration. Companies transitioning from NOOGH to LOK may benefit from exemptions, providing financial relief during the transition.
  • B2B Licensing Costs: B2B licensing under LOK includes application fees, annual fees, and due diligence fees. Notably, monthly fees are exempted for B2B licenses. This revised fee structure aims to balance regulatory requirements with the economic viability of businesses operating within Curacao.
Remaining Uncertainties and Industry Outlook

While the new fee structure brings some clarity, uncertainties remain pending parliamentary approval. Observing the increase in fees compared to NOOGH, operators are keenly scrutinizing the additional costs associated with enhanced compliance in the reformed regime. The iGaming industry awaits further insights and official approvals, aiming for a balance between regulatory robustness and the economic sustainability of operations in Curacao.

The evolution of Curacao’s iGaming landscape through the LOK law signifies a transformative phase, emphasizing collaboration, modernization, and regulatory stability. As operators adapt to the new fee structure, a meticulous evaluation of costs and compliance requirements will be essential for a seamless transition.

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