Euro Soccer

The much-anticipated Euro 2024 has kicked off, drawing millions of fans and billions of dollars in bets from around the globe. For bookies, this tournament is more than just a spectacle; it’s a golden opportunity to maximize profits. Unlike regular seasons, events like the Euro 2024 capture the world’s attention, making them prime times for bookies to capitalize on the massive influx of bets. Here’s how bookies can make the most of this rare event.

Bookies Must Leverage Event-Related Content

One of the most effective strategies bookies can employ during Euro 2024 is leveraging event-related content across all their channels. Sharing interesting facts about the tournament and national teams, along with providing extensive statistics, can help build player trust and engagement. Whether it’s through blogs, social media posts, or promotional emails, keeping bettors informed and excited is key.

For instance, bookies can post daily updates about match results, player performances, and upcoming fixtures. This not only keeps the audience engaged but also encourages them to place more bets. Additionally, promotional materials and banners on the betting site should be visually appealing and updated regularly to reflect the latest happenings in the tournament.

Boost Engagement with Bonuses and Competitions

During major sporting events like Euro 2024, offering attractive bonuses can significantly boost engagement and retention. Daily express bonuses and free bets for championship matches are great ways to encourage bettors to return and participate in every round. These bonuses create a sense of excitement and urgency, prompting players to place their bets promptly.

Another effective tactic is offering special ‘welcome-back’ bonuses to reactivate dormant players. Many bettors might have taken a break, and a generous bonus can entice them back to the platform. Geo-targeted offers, which cater to players supporting their national teams, can also drive higher engagement. For example, offering bonuses to players from countries whose teams have advanced to the next stage of the tournament can boost morale and betting activity.

Competitions between players, with prizes such as fan merchandise, autographs, and tickets to the finals, can further enhance engagement. These competitions can create a community feel among bettors, making the experience more interactive and fun. Tournaments and leaderboards can also serve this purpose effectively, allowing players to compete for top spots and rewards.

Bookies Must Retain Casino Players

While sports betting takes center stage during Euro 2024, it’s important not to neglect casino players. Data shows that casino bets typically drop by 10–20% during major sporting events. To maintain or even boost overall iGaming metrics, operators running both casino and sportsbook projects should find ways to involve casino players in the betting activities.

One strategy is to send personalized email newsletters and promotions that highlight the excitement of betting on Euro 2024 matches. Offering crossover promotions, where casino players receive bonuses for placing sports bets, can also encourage them to participate. This way, even casino players can feel involved in the sporting excitement and contribute to the overall betting activity on the platform.

Euro 2024 Presents a Unique Opportunity for Bookies

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