grow your betting operation

Strategic alliances to grow your betting operation have become a key driver for expanding and strengthening betting operations. In an industry marked by fierce competition and evolving customer demands, forming partnerships has emerged as a powerful strategy to unlock growth potential. By joining forces with compatible entities, betting operators can enhance their reach, access new markets, and tap into additional resources and expertise. 

This article explores the concept of strategic alliances and delves into the myriad benefits they offer, including increased profitability, shared knowledge, and optimize operational efficiency. 

Discover how strategic alliances can grow your betting operation to new heights of success and sustainability.

Examples of strategic alliances.

Betsson AB, a prominent online gambling company, has recently made headlines by acquiring Belgian sports betting and gaming operator betFIRST. The deal, valued at €120 million ($130 million), marks a strategic move for Betsson as it aims to drive profitable growth in regulated markets.

The agreement entails the purchase of all shares in the betFIRST Group, which operates the betFIRST brand in Belgium. Consideration for the acquisition amounts to €117 million, excluding debt, with the possibility of an additional earnout payment of up to €3 million, subject to specific conditions being met. This acquisition aligns with Betsson’s long-term strategy to strengthen its presence in locally regulated markets.

betFIRST, established in 2011, has established itself as a prominent business-to-consumer (B2C) operator in the Belgian online gaming market. 

The brand offers diverse offerings, including sports betting and dice games. It has gained significant recognition as a leading sports betting provider in its home market, boasting consistent customer acquisition and revenue growth.

With licenses for online sports betting and online dice games in Belgium, betFIRST operates approximately 450 retail points of sale nationwide and owns a gaming arcade. In the previous financial year, the company achieved an impressive net gaming revenue of €51.2 million ($55.9 million) and an adjusted EBITDA of €10 million ($10.9 million).

Betsson’s strategic acquisition of betFIRST allows the company to tap into its Belgian counterpart’s expertise and market knowledge.

 By entering the market with a well-established ally, Betsson aims to leverage betFIRST’s local reputation and customer base to drive its expansion efforts in Belgium.

As Betsson continues to pursue growth opportunities, the acquisition of betFIRST represents a significant step forward in its expansion strategy. 

By strategically entering markets with trusted allies with deep market knowledge, Betsson aims to strengthen its position as a leading player in the global online gambling industry.

Strategic alliances to grow your betting operation.

Strategic alliances are a fantastic way for independent bookies to expand their business. These partnerships allow you to leverage the strengths and resources of other companies while also benefiting from shared knowledge and expertise. The key is to find partners that complement your own skills and capabilities.

By joining forces with another company, you can pool your resources together, including marketing efforts, personnel, and technology. 

This can help you improve your services’ quality while reducing costs. Additionally, strategic alliances often provide access to new markets or customer segments that may have been difficult to reach on your own.

Focusing on shared values and goals is important when looking for potential alliance partners. You want someone with similar objectives regarding growth and market penetration as yours.

Establishing effective alliances with other companies or agents can be a crucial step in the growth of your betting site. 

However, to do so successfully, you must first ensure that your site has a top-level infrastructure. This means having a reliable, secure, and easy-to-use online platform for both yourself and your potential partners.

One of the most critical aspects of establishing successful partnerships is trust. 

When you have a robust infrastructure in place, you can assure prospective allies that their data will be stored securely and their customers’ information will remain private. This level of confidence can lead to more opportunities for collaboration and mutual benefit between your company and others.

Moreover, having a top-level betting site also means investing in the right technology to support it. Implementing state-of-the-art software solutions such as AI-powered predictive analytics can give you an edge over competitors.

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