Legalize Sports Betting

Missouri is making strides in the race to join the lucrative world of sports betting, with Secretary of State John Ashcroft giving the green light to eight versions of a sports betting proposal. This crucial step paves the way for supporters, including major local sports teams such as the St. Louis Cardinals, Kansas City Royals, Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Blues, Sporting St. Louis, and the Kansas City Current, to kick off the signature collection process needed to get the proposal on the ballot.

The coalition of sports teams is steering the effort to bring sports betting to the Show-Me State. However, their journey involves a significant challenge—convincing voters to back this expansion. A recent poll by the Remington Research Group, conducted on behalf of the Missouri Scout, indicated that 54% of likely voters oppose legalized sports betting, while only 26% support it, leaving 20% undecided.

The Signature Challenge

To move forward, organizers must gather over 170,000 signatures from Missouri residents. If the majority of voters give the nod, the proposed language will be enshrined in the Missouri Constitution. The Missouri Gaming Commission would then step in to formulate regulations overseeing sportsbook operations.

Bill DeWitt III, the Cardinals’ president and a key figure in the initiative, stated that the next step involves discussions with members of the mobile gaming industry to determine the preferred version of the ballot measure. Once decided, the signature collection process kicks off.

Financial Implications

The financial aspects of implementing sports betting in Missouri come into play, with organizers estimating a one-time cost of $660,000 and annual costs exceeding $5.2 million. The proposed tax rate on sportsbook revenues across all versions is set at 10%, with revenues expected to range between $10.75 million and $12.75 million.

Despite the potential revenue boost, uncertainties persist regarding ongoing state revenue due to potential tax deductions claimed by sportsbook operators. The proposal outlines a wide range for state tax revenues, spanning from $0 to a significant $28.9 million annually.

After covering the Gaming Commission’s expenses and contributions to a Compulsive Gambling Prevention Fund, the proposed tax revenues would be earmarked for education spending.

Legislative Hurdles and Future Prospects

This push for sports betting in Missouri comes on the heels of two unsuccessful attempts in the past two years to pass sports betting legislation through the state legislature. While the state House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a new sports betting law earlier this year, the Senate failed to follow suit, leading to a legislative stalemate.

State Senator Denny Hoskins, a key player in the legislative stall, seeks a legal framework for controversial “skill gaming” machines. With the legislature set to reconvene in January, ballot measure supporters express hope but also acknowledge the need for realism. If legislative action materializes, the push for a public vote may be dropped, providing an alternative avenue for legalizing sports betting in the state.

Missouri is on the brink of a transformative decision that could shape the future of sports betting in the state. As the signature collection process unfolds and discussions with the mobile gaming industry progress, the Show-Me State is poised to make a defining move into the dynamic world of sports wagering, unlocking new opportunities and experiences for both fans and the state’s economy.

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