This year marks a significant milestone in the history of sports betting in the United States. For the first time since the US Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018, no state has managed to legalize sports betting through its legislature. This surprising turn of events has left stakeholders and enthusiasts alike pondering the reasons behind the stalled progress and looking ahead to potential opportunities in 2024.

Missed Opportunities for Sports Betting in 2024

Several states were considered prime candidates for passing sports betting legislation in 2024, including Alabama, Georgia, Minnesota, and Missouri. Each, however, encountered its own set of obstacles that ultimately prevented legalization.

Alabama: The state saw sports betting stripped from a broader wagering bill. The gutted version, which focused on creating a state lottery and allowing electronic games of chance at specific venues, failed to pass. This setback highlights the challenges of integrating sports betting into more comprehensive gambling legislation.

Georgia: In Georgia, a sports betting bill managed to pass the Senate but hit a wall in the House. Legislators in the lower chamber didn’t even bring the bill to debate, leaving proponents frustrated and without a clear path forward. This inaction underscores the complex political landscape and the hurdles sports betting advocates face.

Minnesota: The situation in Minnesota was marked by legislative chaos and partisan politics. Despite efforts to push through a bill, disagreements between key stakeholders, including the state’s tribes and horse racing tracks, prevented progress. The state remains without legal sports betting as a result of these unresolved conflicts.

Missouri: Missouri’s attempt to link legal sports betting with video lottery terminals, a strategy that has failed multiple times, once again proved to be the bill’s downfall. The continued push to tie these two issues together ultimately killed any hope of legislative approval. Frustrated by the legislative gridlock, Missouri’s sports teams are now looking to bring the decision to voters in November.

The Impact on Independent Bookies

The failure of these states to legalize sports betting through their legislatures creates a unique opportunity for independent bookies. As potential bettors look for alternative avenues to place their bets, offshore operators and independent bookies with robust Pay Per Head (PPH) systems can step in to fill the gap.

PPH systems allow bookies to offer a wide range of betting options, manage their clients efficiently, and provide a seamless betting experience. With the uncertainty surrounding state-level legalization, these systems give independent bookies a significant advantage in capturing and retaining clients who might otherwise be looking for legal, state-sanctioned options.

Sports Betting Looking Ahead

While 2024 has not seen any new states legalize sports betting through their legislatures, the landscape is far from static. The interest and momentum for legal sports betting remain strong. Stakeholders are already eyeing 2025 as a potential breakthrough year.

States like Alabama, Georgia, Minnesota, and Missouri are likely to revisit the issue, potentially learning from this year’s failures. Advocates and lawmakers may work on refining their strategies, building broader coalitions, and addressing the specific concerns that derailed their efforts in 2024.

Moreover, as states continue to grapple with budget shortfalls and look for new revenue sources, the appeal of legal sports betting will likely remain high. The financial benefits seen in states that have successfully implemented sports betting laws can serve as a powerful incentive for those still on the fence.

PPH Bookies Take Advantage

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