Ryan Garcia Eyes Showdown with Devin Haney

The super-lightweight division in the USA is buzzing with anticipation as Ryan Garcia, the rising star in boxing, has set his sights on a showdown with Devin Haney. The landscape shifted after Haney’s impressive victory over Regis Prograis on December 9, securing the WBC world champion title. The aftermath saw a flurry of exchanges between Haney and Gervonta Davis, but Garcia’s strategic move has put him at the forefront.

Social Media Poll: Garcia Lets Fans Decide

In a surprising move, Garcia turned to his social media following, putting up a poll to let fans choose his next opponent between Devin Haney and WBA super-lightweight world champion Rolly Romero. The response was clear as Haney emerged as the preferred choice among fans. This not only showcased Garcia’s engagement with his supporters but also added an interesting twist to the unfolding narrative.

Having gauged the pulse of the fans, Garcia didn’t waste time. On Tuesday, he made a decisive announcement, stating, “I’ve advised my team to contact Team Haney to discuss and make the fight happen between Devin and I. #GarciaHaney” This move demonstrated Garcia’s commitment to the matchup and initiated the negotiation process.

Garcia, addressing Devin Haney directly, asserted, “The ball is in your court Devin. I’ve made my move and I’m showing you and the boxing community that I’m committed to this fight. #GarciaHaney.” The challenge was clear, and Garcia’s proactive approach elevated the stakes for what promises to be a highly anticipated bout.

Devin Haney, in response to Garcia’s move, simply stated, “These are facts.” This concise acknowledgment hinted at the potential realization of a Garcia vs. Haney matchup. While verbal exchanges often dominate boxing narratives, Garcia’s method of involving the fans and instructing his team to negotiate adds a layer of transparency and excitement to the unfolding storyline.

The Unpredictable Path to 2024: What Lies Ahead

As the verbal sparring continues, only time will reveal the matchups that materialize in 2024. With Garcia making strategic moves and Haney acknowledging the facts, the super-lightweight division is poised for compelling showdowns. Whether it’s Garcia vs. Haney or other surprise matchups, the boxing community can anticipate a thrilling year ahead.

Ryan Garcia’s tactical approach to selecting his next opponent and initiating negotiations with Devin Haney injects new energy into the super-lightweight scene. As fans eagerly await the unfolding drama, the dynamics within the division are evolving, setting the stage for memorable clashes in the coming year.

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