How difficult is it to become a bookie?

So, you want to be a bookie? It takes more than just wanting it. But how difficult is it to become a bookie? Let’ see, in order to become a bookie, one must possess a significant amount of knowledge about sports and betting. From statistics to odds being a bookie, is a skill that takes a lot of time to develop.

 Once you have mastered this knowledge, you can then take your knowledge to create a lucrative business. But in reality, how difficult is it to become a bookie?

What are bookmakers?

A bookie is a person or a company who accepts bets from people and then pays out winnings to the winners.

Until recently there were only two ways to become a bookie, the legal and the illegal.

Becoming a legal bookie was tedious, expensive and only large companies could do it. On the other hand, becoming a bookie illegally was relatively easy, but too risky and you could end up in jail or worse.

But in recent years a third way emerged to establish a solid and legal betting business.

Becoming a Pay Per Head bookie allows bookies to operate their gambling business through an offshore infrastructure, which is permitted by law.

Pay Per Head companies have opened the possibility for anyone to start a lucrative gambling business.

Pros of Becoming a bookie: Why would someone want to become a bookmaker?

You can start your own bookie business without spending a fortune.

Starting a gambling business through a Pay Per Head provider is very inexpensive. Generally, you need between $ 50,000 to $ 100,000 to start a business. But starting a gambling business will cost you less than that.

Pay Per Head companies charge a very low fee and also only charge you per active player. In other words, you don’t require a lot of capital to start a betting business and have the best infrastructure.

You don’t need to have a degree in a specific field.

As we mentioned at the beginning, to become a bookie, you only need sports and betting knowledge, and that’s it. You don’t need a fancy degree or a master’s degree to be a successful bookie.

The gambling industry is open to anyone who wants to join it, and you don’t need a great education to thrive and succeed.

You can start your own business from home.

Bookies using the infrastructure of a Pay Per Head provider do not need anything more than a computer or phone to operate their betting business.

This means that you can start your business from home without any complications. You don’t need an office or install anything to run your gambling business.

What’s more, you can operate your business on the go and from anywhere that has an internet connection.

You can set your own hours and choose the number of employees you want.

By becoming a bookie, you are the boss, you decide when and how long to work.

There is no minimum number of hours that you have to dedicate to the business for it to be profitable. If you want to work only two hours a week you can do it without problems, and I assure you that you will see results. Of course, if you work more, you will have better results.

In the same way, you decide how many players you want to attend. A gambling business can be lucrative with as few as 2 active players per month.

In the gambling business, there are no pressures and you set your own goals and objectives.

– Your margin is your profit.

By using the services of a Pay Per Head company you keep all the margin or juice that the bookies charge for handling the bets.

As a result, all the margin is your profit, you do not have to share the profit with anyone.

-You can earn money from any type of sport and event.

Pay Per Head companies offers betting options for almost any sport imaginable. Moreover, they also offer betting options for events.

As a result, you will be able to offer betting options for a large number of activities, which translates into better opportunities to generate great income.

The more betting options you offer, the more customers you can attract.

Cons of Becoming a bookie: What might discourage potential bookmakers?

There are no cons to becoming a bookie. The only thing that might be a little discouraging is the fact that there are more established bookmakers on the market.

But even though there are many competitors in the market, with the right Pay Per Head partner you can easily overcome them.

In fact, Pay Per Head bookies have more strengths and opportunities to grow in the market than the large established bookies. – Your margins are always higher.

The margins are higher when you work with Pay Per Head companies than what large bookmakers can earn.

As a result, you can earn more money per month than with the smaller bookies.

Being a Bookie Isn’t Complicated

Being a bookie takes hard work and patience. It can be difficult, especially when you don’t see the income you anticipated. With time though, you’ll be able to set your pace and create your own livelihood. But the best of all is that you don’t need to work at all hours to take bets, answer customer questions, and handle transactions. If you have a good Pay Per Head Partner, they will take care of all this.

It’s not an easy job by any means but with the right expectations, it can be very rewarding.

A key to prospering as a bookie is finding a good Pay Per Head provider to help you with your betting operation and give you the tools to grow your business.

There are many providers in the industry with different strengths and weaknesses. But, with free trials available, it is possible for bookies to test out these providers before deciding on one.

Make sure you study your Pay Per Head provider very well and correctly choose the one that best suits your needs. If you make the right decision, your life as a bookie will be very simple and lucrative.