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The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is poised for a leadership transition as its Chief Executive Officer, Carl Brincat, has decided not to seek the renewal of his contract, which is set to expire on January 25, 2024. Brincat’s impending departure carries significant implications, especially for the world of independent bookies. Malta, known for being a major issuer of licenses for independent bookmakers, plays a pivotal role in shaping the industry. In this article, we’ll delve into the leadership change at the MGA and its potential impact on independent bookies.

Carl Brincat’s Contribution

The MGA Board of Governors has expressed deep appreciation for Carl Brincat’s leadership during his tenure as CEO. Dr. Ryan C. Pace, Chairperson of the MGA, highlighted Brincat’s substantial contributions to the authority and the broader gaming industry in Malta. Under Brincat’s guidance, the MGA has been instrumental in shaping the regulatory landscape for independent bookies.

Dr. Pace remarked, “Carl has made extensive contributions to the Malta Gaming Authority and to the gaming industry in Malta, and we are confident in, and very thankful for, the strong foundation he leaves behind as we continue to pursue the MGA’s strategic goals.”

Carl Brincat’s Perspective

In response to his impending departure, Carl Brincat shared his thoughts, acknowledging the difficulty of his decision. He described his nine years with the MGA as a “rollercoaster of experiences” that significantly contributed to his personal and professional growth. During his leadership, Brincat expressed pride in the work accomplished and commended the dedicated team at the MGA.

Brincat stated, “I look forward to continuing to deliver our commitments over my final few months, and have no doubt that my successor will find that the fantastic team at the MGA can help him or her continue to drive improvement further. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the Authority.”

Leadership Succession Plan

As part of the MGA’s senior leadership succession plan, the Board has issued a public call for applications to select the next CEO. This process aims to ensure a smooth transition from Brincat to his successor, who will have the opportunity to shadow him for several weeks before officially taking office on January 26, 2024.

What It Means for Independent Bookies

The change in leadership at the MGA may have a ripple effect on independent bookies worldwide. Malta is a central hub for the issuance of licenses for these bookmakers, which has attracted many to establish their operations in the region. A new CEO may change the regulatory approach or licensing procedures, potentially affecting the existing and future independent bookies.

Qualifications for the New CEO

Candidates applying for the CEO position must meet specific eligibility criteria, including a minimum education level at MQF Level 6 or an equivalent qualification. The MGA prefers candidates with qualifications in law, accountancy, finance, or business administration. A minimum of five years of experience in senior positions is also required, with experience in the gaming industry particularly favored. The selection process for the new CEO will involve multiple stages.

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