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Brazil is gearing up for major changes in its betting landscape. The Brazilian government has mandated that all gaming operators secure licenses by December 31, 2024. Failing to comply by this deadline will result in penalties starting January 1, 2025. For independent bookies eyeing the lucrative Brazilian market, understanding and adapting to these new regulations is crucial.


Independent Bookies Understanding the New Regulations


The Secretariat of Prizes and Betting (SPA) under the Ministry of Finance has issued Ordinance 827, outlining comprehensive regulations for sports betting and online gaming. This ordinance includes ten annexes and sets a licensing fee of BRL 30 million (approximately $5.9 million) for up to three brands, valid for five years. The SPA has a 150-day window to approve or reject applications.


Only legal entities with prior SPA authorization can commercially exploit fixed-odds betting and online gaming. Existing operators must comply with these new regulations by the end of the year or cease operations starting January 1, 2025.


To apply for a license, companies must:


Be headquartered in Brazil


Have at least 20% Brazilian ownership


Foreign operators must establish a local subsidiary meeting these criteria


The application process requires submitting legal and financial documentation, identifying controllers, proving fiscal and labor regularity, and demonstrating a financial reserve of at least BRL 5 million for prize payments.


Applications submitted within 90 days of the ordinance’s publication will receive priority. The BRL 30 million grant fee must be paid within 30 days of SPA approval notification, communicated via the Betting Management System (SIGAP).


Compliance and Operational Requirements


Operators must also comply with several operational requirements:


Responsible Gaming Practices: Demonstrate adherence to responsible gaming standards.


Anti-Money Laundering Measures: Implement effective anti-money laundering protocols.


Match-Fixing Prevention: Establish measures to prevent match-fixing.


Customer Service: Provide round-the-clock customer service in Portuguese.


Sports Integrity Monitoring: Associate with an independent sports integrity monitoring organization.


The Ministry of Finance aims to finalize the regulatory process by the end of 2024, despite industry concerns about the ambitious timeline. Experts predict potential delays, but the Ministry is increasing SPA’s workforce to meet deadlines.


Operators failing to secure a license by December 31 will face penalties starting January 1, 2025. The ordinance also mandates technical certification of betting systems and specifies tax obligations, including a 12% gross revenue tax and a sliding scale monthly inspection fee.


Opportunities for Independent Bookies


For independent bookies, Brazil’s new regulations present both challenges and opportunities. The stringent requirements mean that only serious, well-prepared operators will succeed, potentially reducing competition. Here’s how bookies can make the most of this market:


Adopt Advanced Pay Per Head (PPH) Tools: Utilizing robust PPH platforms can help manage operations efficiently, ensuring compliance with Brazil’s regulations.


Local Partnerships: Forming partnerships with local entities can help navigate the regulatory landscape and meet the requirement for Brazilian ownership.


Focus on Compliance: Ensuring adherence to all regulatory requirements from the outset will be crucial to avoid penalties and operational disruptions.


Enhance Customer Experience: Providing excellent customer service in Portuguese and ensuring smooth, secure betting experiences will attract and retain customers.


The world is full of opportunities for bookies who have the right tools and know how to navigate the laws of each country. Brazil’s emerging market is a prime example of where thorough preparation and strategic investment can lead to significant rewards.


Brazil’s new betting regulations are set to reshape the gaming industry within the country. Independent bookies who are well-prepared and compliant can capitalize on this vibrant and lucrative market. By understanding the regulatory requirements, leveraging advanced PPH tools, and focusing on customer experience, bookies can secure their place in Brazil’s evolving betting landscape.


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